Total Survival

Total Survival

Lea Marston Events presents Total Survival we work with anyone with a sense of fun and adventure, courses range from a 4hr seminar to a week living in a natural shelter!

We run Military Survive Evade Resist Escape (SERE) courses in many environments including; Temperate, Desert, Extreme Cold Weather and Maritime, Our qualified instructors are skilled in Restraint Defeat and martial arts including Thai Boxing and Krav Maga.

1 Day Field Craft Course

Non Tactical Survival in a temperate environment.

Xtreme Survival Course

Survival with minimal kit and making the most of what’s around you (24hr-7 days).

Tactical Escape and evasion course

Tactical Field craft and strategy lessons in the day, Evasion through the night (24hr).

Tactical Hostile Environment Awareness training

Anti-Kidnap/hostage course (4-10hr).

Level 1-2 SERE training

4 Hour seminars with practical element on survival in a hostile environment.