The Ultimate day out


This event day is based around our Ultimate Wipeout course which is the one and only land based, fully inflatable Wipeout course in the UK. It will start with the group going through each of the 5 stages where teams will be scored on how they perform, can you be the Wipeout champion? Then onto the dexterity sports where a steady hand and quick witt are essential to beat the competition. These sports are just the calm before the storm for the group as the participants will be back onto the Ultimate Wipeout course to complete the final challenge of the day, the full course run!

How it works?

Ultimate Wipeout is a 200 foot inflatable obstacle course which is ideal for motivating staff in a unique and exciting way. Participants are first divided into teams, and then given a short amount of time to agree a team name and prepare to enter the Ultimate Wipeout arena with one objective in mind – to pulverise the competition!Encouraged to put the best person forward for different tasks, or to combine strengths for a team challenge, teams are guided through a series of animated trials and tests until only two teams remain. These teams must then go head to head in the most impressive and outrageous obstacle course you’ll ever encounter. Combining this epic course with Clay pigeon shooting and archery in a truly ultimate package. You will then progress onto the Clay pigeon shooting and Archery where we will provide tutoring on a 1 to 1 basis for the clay shoooting, We have been running shooting and training at our shooting ground for over 40 years and pride ourselves with the care and level of service and tuition we give.  Ranging from easy to traditional sporting disciplines to suit both newcomers and competent shooters, suiting all levels of ability, including disabled participants. Moving on to the second sport, archery with is again 1 to 1 turoring where you can extend your reach with a medieval longbow once used for war, now used for sport, the longbow carries with it deep tradition. Today’s longbow is comparatively light and can shoot impressive distances. Longbow Archery allows you to step back in time with equipment that would easily be recognised by the medieval man of the bow.

Whats Included?

We provide all safety equipment, competition grade ammunition, guns, bows, targets, arrows, venue hire and the Ultimate Wipeout course.