Tablet Treasure Trail

Tablets at the ready!
Teams will go head to head on this challenge in a race against time to collect as many points as they possibly can. Powered by state of the art technology using GPS signals the whole hunt can take place anywhere you like whether it be a city centre or a row of fields. The whole treasure hunt will be within a 1 square Kilometre area. With tasks that are bound to entertain and amuse the teams while they try and score as highly as they can this event is one that is always full of fun for everyone involved.

Program of event
You and your group will be met by your Treasure Hunt Leader who will explain the rules and regulations and explain how to use the Tablets and the tasks that you must complete. The tasks are very simple and each challenge to complete can range from taking a team photo to answering a multiple choice question to singing into the Tablet with some worth more points than others.
On completion of the treasure hunt the teams will all meet at the same location where their scores will be totalled up with the winners announced and a Trophy and Medals awarded to the 1st placed team and Medals for the 2nd placed teams