Enjoy an exhilarating birds of prey experience. Expert falconers introduce various birds of prey up close. You will get to learn some falconry and even get the chance to fly a bird from the fist under the watchful eye of the Trainer. A thoroughly amazing experience!

How it works

After a short introduction it’s gloves on to handle these wonderful birds of prey. First be introduced to the Falconer, learn about his work and how the birds are trained. Then get chance to fly the bird to the glove under the guidance of an expert Falconer – a truly breath-taking experience that you’ll always remember.

You can choose between the Harris hawks or beautiful Owls and witness their abilities in a tour of our ancient woodland as well as taking in the beautiful scenery and getting in touch with nature. Follow the paths through the woodland while these trained hunters track from above. Each member will have the opportunity to have their own personal interaction with the birds where they will glide from the woodland canopy to the glove on your hand, a truly amazing experience. The day will include a picturesque picnic area where you can relax and have refreshments with opportunity to learn more about the birds.

Our beautiful parliament of owls includes Morgan our rare ashy faced barn owl, he is charming, friendly and adorable. We have Lemon and Honey, our twin barn owls, they are a cheeky pair who cause a lot of mischief. Eric our striking male who is a tearaway teen. Flake is the ‘angel’ of the group, she is a snowy owl and rules over the others. Learn and interact with our wonderful and mysterious creatures up close and personal, hold them on gloved hand for a magic day out on our 200 acre estate. Abundant Photo opportunities will be available.

Falconry  can be used as an add-on to a variety of team building or corporate events.

What’s Included?

Experienced Falconer, Birds of Prey (could include Falcons, Owls, Kestrels, hawks).


Team Building: Group Bonding; Corporate Entertainment.


Why not book our Professional Photography service to capture these once in a lifetime moments.

Special Offers

Hawk walk or Owl experience – £40 for 1 hour