3 C’s – Camping, Curry and Carp fishing


Come for a unique bonding experience for guys and girls alike. Come Fishing on our scenic well established fishing pools that are teeming with life, we have two small pools and a 3 acre pool extremely well stocked with common carp, mirror carp and tench. Stay on our registered camping and caravan site and experience the great outdoors while enjoying a delicious handmade curry from our onsite restaurant and licenced bar The Pavilion Indian & Bangladeshi restaurant.

How it works?

One of our relaxed event packages, spend the day fishing in our fishing pools, the largest carp caught this year was a common carp weighing in at a mighty 29.5 pounds caught in the early summer, could you be the one to catch this beast? Our fish are well cared for and we insist barbless hooks are used and no keep nets. You will be staying on our registered family friendly campsite where you can enjoy the outdoors in our open field. Then later in the day you will be served a 3 course indian mealeither at your peg or on the campsite a truely relaxing experience. This package will allow you to fish and camp for 24 hours (starting from 10am to 10am the next day), Fishing gear not included. Only for fishermen with some fishing experienced and their apprentices.

Whats Included?

Exclusive use of fishing pegs, campsite, 3 course indian meal, campsite facility use.